Top 3 Players
Nir Dhokarkar
Nir Dhokarkar
Points : 300
Mayurkumar M Valand
Mayurkumar M Valand
Points : 287
Kevin Salinas
Kevin Salinas
Points : 238

Eilat Sitar CC
Israel Domestic Cricket

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Milestone Achieved

Kulbinder Singh

Elizah Divekar

Took 32 Inns To Achieve 500 Runs

Avner Digorkar

Took 33 Inns To Achieve 25 Maidens
Took 29 Inns To Achieve 50 Wickets

Shalom Nagavkar

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Time in Israel

Upcoming Birthday
Shai Divekar
Shai Divekar
29th Mar
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